Hotel & BnB

Hotel website templates deliver the ability to take bookings, attract guests and help you succeed in a very competitive market. Whether you’re building a new hotel or modernizing your old website, a hotel website template can help. They are all fast, well designed and include the essential features you expect to see on a hotel website.

Hotel website templates have a lot of work to do. They need to showcase your hotel at its best, paint the picture of a lifestyle, encourage people to book and provide a breakdown of all your services. Whether you’re looking for a hotel booking template or resort website template, you’ll find it here. All templates are fully responsive, SEO-friendly and incredibly easy to use. Anyone, with any experience can use them!


Classic website design with great colors designed to showcase your hotel or BnB

Hotel and BnB

Engaging hospitality template that welcomes your hotel and BnB guests with open arms

Travel & Tourism

Light and welcoming website template ideal for the travel industry or travel blogger

Luxury Hotel

Elegant web template ideal for luxury hotels, travel and big ticket items

Budget Hotel

Build and launch your hotel website using our elegantly designed Budget Hotel template

Heritage Hotel

Inspiring and classy template perfect for recreating the experience of a heritage hotel

Home Stay

A simple and clean website design that’s perfect for a homestay accommodation website

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